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Male Sex and the Woman

Every woman dreams of having sex with a ‘hunk’. For some women it remains a dream forever and for others it becomes reality, depending on a size issue! The question of size of the male organ does matter, with a general perception of “The bigger the better”! There is something about a male’s large penis, which awakens a woman’s sexual desire, turning them on, wanting to hop straight into bed and hope that the sex act will live up to some wild expectations!

For some women, having sex with numerous partners gives them a kick. They like and enjoy the different sexual approaches they get this way. Whatever your choice, it is essential that the man you are partnered with proves sexually adequate but for some, it is size that counts. For a man, if nature has not provided him with large enough performance equipment, then use of a male enhancer to attain an adequate size is very acceptable, and appreciated by his female partner. What is interesting is that the more mature male populace has a great interest in penis enlargement as well as their younger counterparts.

Older women who have regular sex feel good and have a confidence about them, being more stimulated in what they do daily, plus acting and thinking in a more youthful way than their actual age. In general, sex is healthy and good for both body and soul. It has been established that the over 55’s are sexually more active than the 45-54 age group. In short, women of all ages, whether younger or older, desire and enjoy sexual activity, probably stimulated by thoughts of sizable male equipment.

Women who do not have a partner are now turning to internet dating, which of course has many “pros and cons” but leaves the question of male sizing in abeyance. Women, who use replicas of the male penis for self-satisfaction, usually select substantial sizes, reflecting on their preferences.

It is amazing how technology has enabled the ability of male sexual enhancement being able to enlarge a penis that is not up to size. For men, it gives them greater self esteem and confidence and for women, it is greater contentment. For example, the Male Edge penis enlarger increases the average size of the penis 28% in length and 19% in girth. Certainly, this is a wonderful invention for male pride, and women’s pleasure.

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Painful sensations in the penis

Medically recognized as “pudendal nerve entrapment”, pain in the penis can happen for no apparent reason in the lower central pelvic areas. These areas consists of the anal region, perineum, and scrotum and penis or vulva.

Character of the penis pain
Penis pain could be stinging, burning, stabbing, aching, knife-like, irritation, cramping, spasm, tightness, crawling on the skin, twisting, pins and needles, numbness, and hyper sensitivity. The pain
is piercing and very comparable to a toothache. It often begins in one place and progresses. Frequently there is also urinary, anal, or sexual dysfunction. The pain is often on both sides.

What causes penis pain?
There can be multiple causes. However, it is usually caused by prolonged sitting or trauma to the sitting area, combined with a genetic and developmental susceptibility. It is also common iwith people travelling and/or driving for long periods of time and frequently). Occasionally, pain in penis can occur after excessive masturbation or sexual intercourse.
Additionally using penis vacuum pumps or penile implants surgery to treat erectile dysfunction can also lead to penis pain.

What are the treatment options?
Following are some of the time-tested tips to help treat pain in penis:
  • Avoiding the offending factor that causes pain (remove the cause, remove the disease).
  • Conservative medical treatment as prescribed by the doctor
  • Surgery with decompression of the nerves is rarely done.

What penis pain can lead to?
  • Long term penis pain is often associated with difficulty with normal urination, with hesitancy and extreme urgency may cause repeated trips to the bathroom.
  • Bowel function may be abnormal, as well as painful.
  • Constipation is reported more frequently among those individuals diagnosed with penis pain.
  • Sexual intercourse may be problematic as penetration, for the woman, may be extremely painful, and for the males erectile dysfunction and/or pain with orgasm may predominate.

Some general tips to prevent penis pain
  • Keep a healthy, physically active life style in general
  • Eat a healthy, well balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Maintain proper hygiene to avoid infection of penis
  • In case of any pain that persists for days, immediately consult your doctor
  • Use penis extenders (such as SizeGenetics)

Diet and semen production – VolumePills

One of the things most people overlook in their daily routines is that food is more than just something to tickle your taste buds and fill your stomach. Food is also your daily source for a whole series of substances that are required for the proper functioning of your body.

The most important addition to your diet is zinc. This metal plays a crucial role in the human body by helping the action of antioxindants and thus slowing down the aging process. It also serves to stabilize the DNA in sperm cells, thus ensuring a strong and healthy delivery of genetic material. Not many people know that a deficiency of zinc in the daily diet can lower fertility in males since the body tends to generate less sperm and sperm cells are no longer strong enough to make the full trip.

The best source of zinc in your diet are oysters. However, oysters feed at the bottom of the seas, which are more and more polluted with heavy metals and chemicals. Other good sources of zinc are animal proteins, such as pork, beef and poultry. Meat is actually the best way of getting your daily dose of zinc, since the body absorbs it far easier from this source. Moreover, other substances found in cereals and whole grain breads are known to decrease the absorption of zinc.

Other good sources of zinc are beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You should try to accommodate these foods in your diet as often as possible. However, you should be aware that too much zinc is not good for your body, since it tends to decrease the absorption of other crucial metals, such as iron and copper.

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The History and Following of the Greek God Priapus

Search the internet for a character description of the Greek God Priapus, and you’ll more often than not find a statuesque image of a unusual God, who is depicting with a large appendage.

Notably remembered as being the god of fertility, growth and health, in truth Priapus is best remembered for his graphic representations within art and his continuing influence on the male fascination with the idea of a enlarged penis.

Who was Priapus?

The son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, myth suggests that Priapus was cursed by the Goddess Hera as punishment for his mother’s beauty.

Refused admittance by the other Gods to Mount Olympus and forced to live amongst shepherds, it was Priapus’s frustration at being impotent that first led to his enlarged penis becoming permanently erect.

Destined to be impotent, ugly and foul-minded, Priapus earned his reputation for being lustful after trying to rape the nymph Lotis. Unsuccessful in this mission, Priapus’s frustration at being impotent resulted in his penis becoming permanently erect and his body, unable to move.

What was he worshipped for?

Priapus had two roles within Greek society. One as an agricultural deity who was commonly celebrated through offerings of fruits, flowers, vegetables and fish; and secondly as a god ruled by his lustful nature.

Even to this day, Priapus is more easily recognised for his enlarged penis, than for his real purposes within Greek history. Yet when you correlate his story with that of penis enlargement, it is easy to see why men have such a fascination with it today.

Where does Priapus stand in modern society?

Look back over the last 2,000 years and mans’ fascination with attaining a larger penis can easily be linked to God’s such as Priapus. Remembered for being figures of authority, power and strength, Priapus is just one of many gods’ who inspired the historical development of penis enlargement.

Woven sleeves, weights or manually putting a slit in their shaft… these are just a sample of the methods developed over centuries by African tribes and the Polynesians in their mission to elongate their penis.

Over the last 20-30 years penis enlargement methods have radical changed as various methods, including surgery, penile exercises and arguably the most successful method, penis traction devices, are very much in the forefront of the mainstream market.

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How to cope with a penis that's very big

Having a large penis might seem like every man's dream, but there is large and there is too large! Anything over 8 inches is far too large for most women to handle. Such a penis can be more of a curse than a gift. In most cases, women find sex with a large penis painful, mainly because it can knock against their cervix (the top of the vagina) and can even cause bleeding. So guys, if you're well hung, remember to treat your lady's privates with a little more respect.

Regardless of size you should be able to enter a girl comfortably if you take your time. Foreplay is the key, focus on careful stimulation of the Epicenter, the female degenerated prostate. You can use this multiple-step approach by Dr. Newman K. Lin of the Lin Institute, a research center for multiple, sexual orgasm.

The first step is to massage on the labia majors, groins, pubis and clitoral base to relax the muscle around the vagina and prepare it for penetration. If you find that this is insufficient then apply a light Finger Pliers massage to the G-spot and Clitoral shaft and turn it around 11 and 1 o'clock position, to stimulate the vaginal muscle relaxation and tenting expansion.

The actual penetration is divided into 3 steps: start with shallow penetration in the first 1/3 of the vagina at the same time lightly stroking the G-spot and kissing each other for about 3 minutes. Follow it up with moderate penetration to test the vaginal flexibility and relaxation with a light stroke, and if there is no pain deep, time to do deep penetration.

Finally, use Screwing Technique and Kiss the cervix with the glans penis to avoid thrusting hard. Screwing is vital in love coupling for massaging vagina and penis in the Chinese sexual bible "SU-NUI Ching." There are two screwing technique which depends on who the driver is. If the male is the driver he should be allowed to move freely, so the female will lie down, and the male can lie on her, stand up or knee down to do the job. On the other hand if the female is the driver, she will sit on his legs without constraint rotate her upper body right and left periodically or use her hip to make a circulation motion.

This technique will stimulate the brain to increase the testosterone level and the burning in the vaginal tissues will relax the muscle that will tent up and expand the vagina for taking heavy strokes or pumping

Screwing with a C.A.T position, will trigger a powerful orgasm for women. Screwing can also be used to wake up the sexual energy, increase the vagina lubrication and strengthen an erection. If a couple screw each other for 10 to 30 minutes every morning will surely bring them to a humping mode and will provide enough morning exercises for the loving couples as well.